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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Struggling with snow

Every day comes and goes some make memory and some make history. I am excited finding my old friend who is like my own elder sister Sushila here in New York.
It was my fortunes to have her here with me yesterday as we remained inside for the whole days due to a snow storm.  She is here for few days to represent to CSW 61 session at UN headquarter. We spent the precious moment yesterday  with revealing our past to the present and adding the
Snow in NY by Google
spices to laugh. Those were really astonishing and we enjoyed a lot. During the evening my cousin brother Kevin and spouse gave us companion which made better and more worthwhile as the habits of gathering, we started to charge ourselves drinking wine little sip and reflecting the past.
Today morning I left her to Jackson Heights with one of her friends and went to work. Though I didn't have a good sleep as I slept nearly six hours felt a bit tired but resumed back my strength to the
normal and started to open the pile of email which was pending since the day before yesterday. I think all of my colleagues are so hard working and dedicated to the job and I am even not the exception to them. I believe that I have to pay the 100 percent attention during the job hours that's how I do. But as a human being, we need some relief physically and mentally because we can not keep our mind busy every single moment. We may encounter the emergency from family members and friends that we can take a moment out of those situations.

I always admire and working environments and all the colleges as we maintain our relationship with family members, regardless of our differences in perception, opinions, and belief. I disregard what others believe or think of me but I believe myself and on my strength. I know who I am, why I am here what I am trying to do. Definitely, self-consciousness and self-confidence are the strongest pillars to move forward. For sure we may go in different places and corners of the world, but all of my colleagues have been part of my life as we all are supportive of each other and have developed the strongest bond.

While returning to home, it was my turn to pick up my little son from Daycare. Due to the yesterday snow, the pathway was so terrible where the snow was piled and frozen. After coming out from the subway, I discovered that it would be 100 percent difficult to get my boy home dragging the stroller. I called his Dad as he has his own car and thought he would understand and helped me to carry him. He didn't pick up the phone even trying twice or thrice then I lost my hope and decided to struggle myself.

After taking out from the daycare, the walkway was some extend clean and became happy by myself. I started to drag my stroller, but after a few minutes of a walk, there was a huge pile of snow. I was trying to move my stroller, but it wasn't moving rather it stuck. In the meantime, two guys came on the and helped me to cross one street which was covered with snow. I thanked them for their support and they run away. I found some clean walkway and thought I would make it easily. After reaching to the other street, I discovered that almost 100 meters of the walkways were totally covered with snow even I used all of my efforts but became unable to move on. I thought to call the car service, but it was quite close from my apartment and gave the next try to my spouse but again he didn't pick up the phone. I called my cousin, he also didn't pick up the phone. One woman came on the way she found my situation, but just made a face away and went on.

I still had a little hope I could make it by pulling the front wheel and that's how I tried. Sometimes the stroller twisted to the left and right side, my Mukkum laughed as he thought I was making him fun. I was so exhausted even not crossing a foot of distance. In the meantime, I saw a man in a far distance, I just stopped my struggle for a while and took a long breath. On the meantime he fell down on the walkway due to slippery and frozen snow, I felt sad and tried to move on again. That man sat little longer there and started to crawl slowly and arrived close to me. I recognized him, he was a Chinese guy. I was watching him and knew what happened to him. He became a little shy with me and asked if he could help me. I found like a god and said accepted his support. We carried the stroller by catching back and front and arrived out of the difficulties. He also cautioned me whether I would fall away and asked me to walk slowly. I thanked him and began my journey again.

After fighting many difficulties and stuck many times on the way I cursed myself for not calling car service and cursed my fate and everything for that difficulty. I realized that people forget everything during the difficult times and only curse the fate that applied to myself. With a lot of efforts and hard work, I arrived at home. I discovered that my spouse was doing nothing but just sleeping. I had a lot of things to tell him but did say nothing except my own weakness. No one is perfect and I can't be fully equipped, but I determined I will try to be independent as who will never seek help with someone whom I believe I should. I have been weak because I think he will be there to help me, but it is never possible all the times and every moment. Every moment of difficulties and mistakes are the lessons to be learned in our daily life. That is what I learned and determined to drag me toward perfection one day to come.