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Saturday, March 18, 2017

A letter from a hidden secret lover ( Guest Post for Saturday)

Probably you wouldn't realize how I feel about you and may have thought that I am so greedy with you physical appearance. But I assure you I am in love with your inner soul, not your outer beauty.You are beautiful not by your outer appearance, but I am fond of your inner feeling, thought and soul. I highly appreciate your determination to move forward to the success and to contribute this beautiful world to add more colors and happiness to this living beings.
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I want to play an exemplary role of pure love which is not found in this real world. I don't care whom you marry or with whom you spend your life, but my love will remain with you forever until I will exist in this world, I am not that selfish who thinks that love should be possible only from the both sides, but I want to make a unique love who never expect your physical attachment neither wants your loving words and care. I just love you and care you regardless of your reactions whatever you think. You may think that one of the craziest guys who follows behind a beautiful girl. If you think so, you are 100 percent wrong.

I don't have any intention to marry you, to hold your physical body, neither have the need of physical passion which is possible with two opposite sexes. I am against all of those beliefs which general people may perceive as an outcome of the love. I love you so much that doesn't mean you should love me, I care you so much without any hope of return. I am confident your tireless effort to make this world great and your ways of spreading the love of humanity will be recognized one day. You are so bold, strong and amazing woman of this world I don't have any words to express you here.

Sometimes, I turned to the man of this world and keep on reminding me every moment and second. I just pretend that you have been my heart and thought, without your presence my existence has no value.  I have deeply fallen in love every day and every moment. I have been the craziest lover of this world who believes that my life and existence has no meaning without you. But believe me or not, I am not demanding your love, neither begging you a love for you but just expressing my feeling with you.

Even I am a unique lover of this world, I put my feet in this real world that makes me sad and scare whether I am going to lose you. One of my biggest weaknesses becomes my scarcity of losing you.  I couldn’t imagine the moment that I would be wounded by thousands of bullets that you shoot for me. It would be a terrible and devastating moment and will be so hard to recover from that pain. That's the reason I have turned into my ways to the different directions. If still I have been the one as the other I would have thought that  you would be trying to escape  and going to hide somewhere from me when you don’t pass any words and would have pleaded with you please baby don't shatter me into pieces because I am not able to tolerate that betrayal and I don't have enough strength to recover from that painful wound. I would have remained as a useless man of this world if you would reject me. That's the reason I hide the fact and still have kept my love secretly alive.

I don't want to distract you from the way, what you are doing and how you have been deserving your happiness. I want to always hide my identity so you won't know who I am because as a human nature, if you know me, your attention might divert to me or you may start scolding me. Several possibilities are there either you will block me from your Facebook or may curse me or dislike my thought. That's the reason I don't want to disclose my identity and want to spend my spare moments loving you and caring you just in my imagination. It is so fun to spend with you in the spectrum of fantasy surrounded by the colors of different flowers. As said earlier, it will remain pure and true without any hope of return. I will keep my love as a hidden secret and wish this is the best ways to stay on this earth happily until I die.

At last, I will be waiting for you to see my feeling as a letter from the hidden secret lover. I would be glad if you could help me to spread my words on your beautiful blog that you have announced to allow the guest post for Saturday. Thank you so much in adnvance for allowing me to be your guest post and wish you all the best ahead!

 Your hidden secret lover