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Monday, February 13, 2017

Importance of valentines gifts

Valentines is the moment of love and is a day of celebration to strength the bond between two hearts together with single thread. Love has such an invisible power which binds all the humanity together and gives the shape of social norms, values and keep this continuation of this existence. We
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can't imagine the life without love. Everything is possible in this world only with the love, compassion, cooperation, inspiration, and ambition. The gift of the valentines carries all of those regardless of its monetary values; small or big, expensive or cheap all the gifts means special feeling from the heart.

Many people don't believe in the materialistic substance rather they believe that there should be the purity of love and feeling which are not really connected with any gifts or substance from the loved ones. But many anthropologists and sociologists have proved that the gifts to the loved ones carries an enormous empathy and helps to keep the social values alive. They believe that gift is the expression of the heart that means you care someone a lot and you think someone and do love someone. We may think that money can't buy a love and which is absolutely true, but what scientists have found is gift giving is a way of humanity which integrates the society.

We are always aware of our own financial situation and sometimes become sad for not being able to give the special gift, to the loved ones, but the gift shouldn't be the most expensive or giving a gift shouldn't mean the highest value of the world. If you are fair and your love is pure then the gift that even comes with a dollar will be more precious than the gift which can be bought with millions of dollars. One of the common bad habit most of us is comparing with the people, it is always wise to think that every individual in this world is different and the same applies to the financial situation.

Our soul and thought are like a liquid it doesn't have a shape and size and we can make it in the form and give it a shape. Your friend may receive a more expensive gift than you, but keep in mind; love can't be compared with the money. You may receive only the card for your valentines but it may be more precious than a real pearl because it could be from the heart of your loved ones and purity of the love can be found only in the true feeling but not with expensive gifts. We always have to consider our budget and whether we are wasting our money in the name of love. Of course, the love will be sustainable not because you offer the worthy materialistic gift but by the longings of the two heart which should mingle to be the one and crawl together infinitely to the horizon. I wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!


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