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Sunday, January 15, 2017

The matter of passion in life

Passion is an inner strength of someone which gives a strong desire to do something. Having a passion in life is important in life, but it is quite difficult to segregate the passion which one to make
Photo credit: Bardhoj Okhrabo
the exact goal of the life to move forward as we intend to do many things at once.

Everyone has a different set of desire to do something, but which one is to use it in professional life is quite confusing. We have to identify the passion that we have and select the best fit which could be used in our professional life. In order to find out the professional passion we have to observe whether we are happy, satisfied or not with the job what we are having now. If we are really enthusiastic and have ready to use  whatever strengths we have to perform our existing job that then we have to know that we are passionate on the job we are doing now, but if we are always tired, frustrated and just want to spend the time for the job then we have to identify that we are in the wrong place of life.

It is a natural thing many of we are doing the things because what our parents wanted to us to do or other family members think that is right to do. Life is ours and we have to do what we are passionate to do. If we are doing something because of what our parents and relatives think is the right thing to do, we are losing every single moment of time because we are not interested in doing and there is no inner energy and strength generated to do that stuff. Our parents will be happy for our success and which is the outcomes of our what we are passionate about. Nothing is possible in this life without chasing our own passion in life. Many failures come because of the directions of someone instead of the own desire what the heart says to do.

Obviously, we need the guidance when we are too young to understand about our life, but when we reach enough to the age we have to find out our own passion for our life rather hanging on what other people think or say is good things to do. We have to ask our heart, our thought and our interest for what we can devote the maximum time, where we can utilize our knowledge and experience we have achieved so far, only then we can identify our real passion of life. I know it's quite hard to manage everything for what we want to do, but time is our dictation which will heal everything and will make us go on the way where we want to dive deep.

I am writing this article doesn't mean I have already found the way, what is good for me and what is the good things for me to do. We have to understand and embrace our current scenario and have to keep on hanging on the side, even though we couldn't get the way to be.  But I am confident whatever I do and whatever I take the responsibility to do I take them passionately to fulfill the desire or goal of the whatever the concerned entities are there. Being honest to the people is my ethic and I won't leave my norms, whatever circumstances comes that I will face. I want to live the life with dignity and respect and I definitely respect the people and the profession, whatever people are having according to their desire. I always prefer to do what I believe and think is right things to do.