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Sunday, January 22, 2017

The major message of Women's March

More than millions of people gathered in the Washington, DC to march on the first day of the new elected  45th president of the United State Donald Trump. Women around the globe showed their solidarity from a different part of the world. The message of the march was the women's unity and
Women March on Washington DC on Jan 21st, 2017
power and against the racism, sexual harassment and to build the nation for all the Americans not only who support the Trump.

The main message of the march was given by the speech of the participants as they vowed that they were there to fight for the basic dignity and respect for the women. They said women are together for the unity that is the power to fight for the equal payment, equal wages and equal economic opportunities to the women regardless of their race, caste, religion and sexual orientation. The message was women can fight and keep on fighting for the equality and will work together.

Women gather together to fight for the racism, white supremacy and homophobia as all women are the human being and they believed women right is the human right. The march reminded the value of each other and respect of humanity. Women were in the belief of equality in every place to all the American citizens. Many women complained about the "Nasty women" that was from president trump during the debate with Hilary Clinton.

They carried the different flags with the symbols of gender equality and anti-trump.  Women belief that women right is a human right. They wanted to deliver the message to the trump that women are the people and they should be treated equally with the man regardless of their race, origin and sexual orientation. Women should have the secure health care during the pregnancy.

Many actresses, celebrities and women activists addressed the march vowing the integration of the women to have the equality to build this nation with respect and dignity. They said they were there for the deep democracy where all the countries are connected to each other. 'We are together, individually and collectively to fight for everyone for the dignity, equality, and respect to each other which are the notion of the great nation America.'

The power of women come up with the unity, organized where the voices of the women will be heard. Women fight for the hurdle, truffle and any kinds of challenges. They addressed the attack of president Trump where he had attacked on immigrants, latino, the religious group where they demanded to have the human rights for all the people equally regardless of their status and belief. The main slogan of the march was "All the women should be treated equally'.