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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Speculation and doubt to the Trump Presidency

It is no doubt that America is a country of immigrants. Initially, people from the different world came to the United State and settled down to make their new home and America is known as the one of the great democratic nation in the world where human right is mostly preserved and celebrated. The first
amendment of the constitution of this nation states that no one will be discriminated based on the race, color, origin and belief of certain religions, but after the victory of the new president of this nation Donald Trump, people around the world have suspected and living with the doubt how this constitution preserves the right of the people in this great nation.

Since the victory of president Trump people around the world is on the protest to protect the human rights of the people and to save this nation's existing right to protect the right of everyone regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, and sex. After taking the office, President Trump has signed continuously series of executive orders which have begun to inflict the damage in the wider area of existing policy and procedure.

He has signed the executive order to overturn the Obamacare care, health care and cut the budget for the sanctions and the budget where the US funding used to go through the United Nations around to the world to the different nongovernmental organizations to aware the family planning and abortion. One of the most contentious pledge since his presidential debate was to make a wall between Mexico and America to ban the illegal immigrants is going to be executed by the president as the order has been already signed. Even the Mexico is not going to pay for that, Trump claims the method of payment could be any ways of different transactions between the two countries. Many suspect what kinds of the way it could be.

People of the world have marched for his temporary ban to Muslims, but the Trump has already signed the order to stop issuing temporary visas from the certain Muslim countries. His pledge of the first-day execution to deport the millions of undocumented immigrants also on the way to execution. He also addressed his foreign policy of stopping outsources and bringing back jobs inside the country.

The Trump presidency has raised fears to the non-documented people who have lived more than a decade. His executions may not remove all the undocumented immigrants, but they will always be in suspect and doubt with the fear of deportation. It may separate many family members as many non-documented parents have given birth to their children here in the United State and if parents have to leave this country their children's who are already the citizen of this nation will separate with their famil and loved ones.

Many people have different suspect how this presidency will exist. Everything is in wait and sees circumference. Let's hope everything will be alright. Regardless of the documented or non-documented immigrants, we all want to see the peace and prosperity of this country and it is the matter of concern how his execution takes place.