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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ways of treating our life with amusement

Due to the busy schedule of work, home and thinking about a lot of responsibilities our lives might have undergone to the monotonous journey and we forget the value of life getting along with every
Gokyo Lake, Source: Trip2Nepal
day schedule. But we have to keep in mind that it is not easy dealing with life and a busy schedule without maintaining us with amusement and refreshing our mind every day. My work, home, and everyday schedule have driven me to find out the tips and treat to our life which is helpful not only me but everyone in this world.

It is saying that empty mind is the home of evil so, I highly recommend to all of you not to stay alone without doing something or do not keep your mind empty enough to haul toward the thinking of negativity. While researching and thinking myself about the advantages of amusing ourselves I have listed a few of them which are beneficial to all.

Watch the humorous video even for a while

We might not have an enough time to watch a long movie, but after arriving at home, we have to treat our mind for a while watching a short but humorous video. It could be a comedy movie, jokes or anything that can make us laugh and relieve us from  stress. After arriving the home, everybody has the own responsibility of taking care of kids, cleaning, cooking or much more. Starting to engage with that stuff immediately after the work might drag us to the bad feelings. Watching and relaxing sometimes, we will get the chance of refreshing from the stress of mind and can resume new strength back to us.

Eating properly

I have seen that many of us focus much about our job, our works, and our family members but don’t care ourselves. We have to eat a balanced diet to maintain our health otherwise, we might be caught some inevitable disease one day. None is there to understand our hunger and our body, that is only me that I know about my body and the requirements of nutritious for my life to move forward. We have to remember health is wealth; if we are healthy we can be wealthy one day, but if we lose our health, nothing can be imagined in this beautiful world. Eating properly on a timely basis is the way of treating ourselves as it amuses our hunger.

Spending time with your hobby

Everyone has a different set of mind and different hobby of doing something. Keeping and  doing something as per our hobby treats our lives with amusement. For example, my hobby is writing something or creating something new to the reader. I know I am busy and I have a lot of stuff to do, but if I don’t manage my time to work for a while as per my hobby that means I feel bad. Therefore, finding the hobby of ourselves, some might be interested to read books, some might be interested watching the news, drawing, painting or whatever, depending on our own perception, we have to segregate the tiny amount of time even in the busiest time, it helps to amuse  ourselves and give us strength.

Scheduling a gathering once in a while

Living alone or just a family is not amusing enough for ourselves all the time. Schedule a gathering with friends and family members once in a while. It could be once in a month or once in every week. We can think ourselves or seek the suggestion of friends for the possible ways of entertainment. We could go out, dry picnic, restaurant etc all depending on the time, situation and interest of the team. Meeting with friends and sharing pain, pressures, happiness and having the fun with playing, dancing are the best ways of amusing ourselves and regenerating the strength back to our body.
Meditation and yoga
Unwillingly sometimes we perpetuate ourselves to  the unconscious thinking about something negativity and keep on thinking about something which is not accessible for us. It is very difficult to maintain the human’s feeling and refresh the over usage of the brain. Meditation and yoga are the best way to treat and entertain ourselves. Even in a busy schedule, we have to segregate our little time to do meditation and yoga which heals our difficulties, sorrow, and pain and makes us feel better and happier.

Learning new things every day

We are never perfect in this world and nothing has been made as a perfection. Learning is never ending process until we die. Scientists have been developing many things in this world. We have to create our curiosity to grow within us. Information is the most powerful tool for the success. Getting much informed about this world is the best ways of updating ourselves every day. Learning a new skill, technique every day makes our life much exciting and keep us amusing ourselves. We can’t have a friend every day to talk and to entertain, therefore learning the new thing by research is one of the great ways to amusement.

Maintaining outlooks

Keeping healthy and happy ourselves amuse us and increase the confidence. I myself don’t care about my outlooks, outfit rather than just worried about the food that I eat more than enough. But I have found that many happy and healthy people do focus a lot on their outfit and outlooks. Maintaining the proper hairstyle, clothes, keeping the healthy nail, eyebrow etc are beneficial not only for the health but it adds up the amusement making us feel better.

Exploring the adventure

We don’t need to go far away to explore the adventure. We can walk a little bit in a fresh air to the park  close by our location  or we can commute our work by walking if possible. Seeking the new place and a lot of things that is happing in our surroundings also fill our mind with amusement. It is the best way to explore the adventure going to the vacation and a new place for the entertainment if we can but that couldn’t be possible all the time and we have to find the alternate ways as above.