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Friday, September 23, 2016

Cultivating Inner Peace

Inner peace is the state of mind having a mental and spiritual peace, with enough knowledge and understanding of the truth and the world being oneself strong enough to face the challenges. Without the inner peace, we can’t achieve the happiness and success in life. Inner peace is the foundation of the world peace and let the people live in the healthy and wealthy environment.
View of Sharankot Pokhara By Dhijung

Without the inner peace, even the richest person in the world cannot enjoy the life. There is a saying that in the absence of inner peace, people may die by the thirst while bathing in the lake.  We cannot imagine the happiness and pleasure without inner peace. Most importantly, it is necessary to have an inner peace of mind while fighting with the difficulties because we may have a lot of flaws that we don’t know unless we cultivate the inner peace within us. The following are the tips to have inner peace in mind which are beneficial to all the human beings.

Embracing the emotions

Different feelings come to our mind that might be either positive or negative. It might come either from the compassion and love or could come from the hater of someone. We have to learn to love ourselves and have to acknowledge of our emotional things. Realizing our self-feelings is the way of loving and caring ourselves, but we should not allow our bad feelings to grow rather we have to find the way of emotions to enter from the kindness and love. Thinking ourselves opens the doors of inner peace to enter and overwhelm us with the joy that we can deserve

Living in the present

Everyone might have a terrible past which is quite difficult to remove from the mind. But we have to remove the past from our mind because we are living in the present. The past is already gone and we can’t make any changes on that and nothing could be possible staying in the past. Comparing the value of the time, we can ease our past and forget that terrible time that we encountered.

Accepting to the truth

We might encounter a lot of things in the present, which could be an unfavorable or unpleasant moment for us. We cannot expect good things all the time, but converting to the bad situation to the better one is our inner skill and way of having an inner peace. We have to accept the truth, whether it is bad or good because rejecting the fact hauls us to the road and make us miserable. We have to understand that nothing is perfect and we can’t expect from the way of what people do and the things what happen every day, but we have to divert them toward good even that is bad.

Never compare with other

One of the common behaviors of the people is comparing with each other. One might compare with other and feel guilty and angry for not having the same kind of job or physical possession as the other.
The materialistic things are always temporary in our life, it might come one day and go one day. We are not born equal, and we have to understand the difference among the people. Whatever we have we shouldn’t compare with the people who have more or having a better life. Everyone is made for itself, not equally for everything.

Respecting to another opinion

We might get mad at someone when they keep on expressing their opinion that we really don’t like and don’t like to listen even. We are a human being and we have to have that much of patience to hear someone and if we get the chance we can also express our opinions. But disrespecting the people thought and idea ruins our inner peace. We have to respect the other only in return we can expect the same, but only expecting the respect from others without learning to respect them violates the rule of nature and close the door of inner peace.


Generosity is the way achieving the peace of mind. Whenever we become loyal to the people we want to support them and try to figure out the way to resolve their problem. Working as a volunteer in a community, donating our useless items to the needy one, offering the help and support to the family member and friends is the way of developing and cultivating the peace of mind.


The grievances and anxiety nurture when we don’t forgive the people who do the mistake. People might hurt us with an intention or unintentionally. Thinking about the revenge hauls to the bad circumstances and dig us deep into the anger which kills our mental power. In order to get relief of that kind of situation, we have to forgive the people even though who hurt us by intention. We have to bear the sorrow for a moment and forgiving is the best revenge itself and he/she will realize that what happened was the mistake. It is the way of cultivating the inner peace of mind otherwise the way will be blocked when we become mentally sick.
The End