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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The world in the eye

It is a saying that the beauty lies in an eye. If we make our vision toward the beautiful world we will find the happiness and cherish everywhere, but if we see the world from our bad feeling we will find the world would be a desert. Therefore; finding the beauty is not on the object, neither it is the reflection of the features but it lies in our
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eye. The beauty is determined by our own mind and thought rather on the outlooks of the object. Therefore the famous singer Ani Choying Drolma has sung a beautiful and heart touching song, it says; “Through the eye of the flower, the world appears as a flower. Through the eye of the thorn, the world appears as a thorny. Reflection takes place according to the shape of the object.” As this song said the beauty lies in our eye rather than the object. How we feel and see this world depends on us. If we see the world and take as a flower, we will find the world with blossoms, but if we see the thorn around, then the world will be found a full with the thorns, which harm us and hurt us. The world is not by itself beautiful nor it is bad by itself, but we describe the world according to our thought and as per our own perception. We live in the world in the short period of time, but we fight with the people for the sake of money, power and to have more resources than another in order to be superior. Undeniably without fair competition, we can’t advance us. In order to have the competitive benefits we have to maintain our harshness and enhance our knowledge and understanding, but pulling and pushing for the people and harming them making the bad impression for personal benefit is not appealable. The merit achieved by harming another human might give short-term benefit in life, but we cannot reach to the far distance with that kind of behaviors. Only the dumpy foresight has that kind of performance and wants to have all the resources for the own personal benefit, but never think of the people of this world. We have to share the resources we have or whatever is available with us. The thought of living only for myself is futile. We have to have the feeling of ‘we’ and consideration of ‘us’ instead of for me or mine. The will power of doing something to the other people is the way of salvation, which can’t be achieved either by prayers or meditation. Whatever we pursue the value as being a human, demonstrates only by helping the people and working for them, otherwise the other animal who don't have the knowledge and sense can work only for themselves because they are the animal without sense. We are proud to be the intelligence, we are proud to be the human being but ourselves melancholy keeps on moving toward the self-esteem, self-ego, and individualism. We perceive that I have to be the more powerful than another; I have to have more resources than another. It is absolutely true; we always work hard to have more and to be better, but what I think is it should be fair and harmless. For the sake of own dignity and respect, we should not pull and push to the people for our personal merit. Life is too short; rather harming of the people, we can take a benefit of our hard work with fair and concise competition, which are allowed everywhere in the world and every place in the world. The people with the broader vision and a stunning mind always believe with this fair value and unbiased contest, but the tighter people always want to push other back or pull them down from the battle to get up from the same stairs. The result could be fascinating for some short period of time, but it won't last for a long term and diminish own value as a social being. Let us try to have the respect and dignity being as a human not as a sole and independent creature of the world. We are born alone and will go one day alone, but let’s live the life together, joining the hand each other and stepping everyone up, only then development, social progress, and changes is possible in this world!