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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Silence could be the best answer!

Why silence

Sometimes silence works as the best answer if our words are misunderstood, we are mistreated and fatally hurt by someone. To be silence doesn’t mean we don’t have any ability to work or any words in response but silence work to maintain the self-respect, self-dignity and sometimes it also indicates that we are deeply hurt and we don’t have any words to explain.
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Silence could be the best answers if we don’t want to fight with someone, don’t want to discuss more and don’t want to defend ourselves by talking. It could convey the best message staying silent giving the opportunity to someone to talk about and to realize what he or she is talking about. It also could be used as a punishment when someone keeps on talking about something, but in return, if we stay calm without saying a word, he/she may regret soon becoming alone to talk.

It is a way of preserving the power as we have to explain a lot, even in the situation we can’t convince anyone. Silence has a different meaning in life and it values different ways as well.  Sometimes it may have an adverse reaction as well keeping silence oneself. It might indicate we are accepting what someone is talking about, but most of the places, silence has a great positive impact.

Importance  and value of silence.

We have to understand whether the silence carries the meaning in life or it gives the negative message depending on the situation. If we don’t want to fight but don’t want to be humiliated by someone, then the best way is to be away from the debate that we don’t want to go top notch. But sometimes it gives the freedom of mind keeping alone and staying silent without resuming with the people.

It is important to stay silent if someone doesn’t understand our value and meaning of what we are trying to convince but just wants to make us excuse  It could also work as the medication when someone has a hostile behavior. While experimenting the lives we might find ourselves in the diverse situation where our silence works as a better treatment and resuming back the hostile environment to the peace. Silence is a way of maintaining the peace in mind and in thought as well.

Silence also helps other people to work on their own way. Instead of reading silently, if we start to read loudly, then the noise doesn’t only hamper our friend nearby us but also distracts their attention to our noses. It is beneficial in maintaining the relation and making sure everyone will be alright with us. We can’t convince and stay with someone if we can’t maintain the silence in our habit.

When to apply the silence

Depending on the situations we can use our own mind and think in order to apply the silence in our life. Sometimes we think that our words are not working at that time staying silence is thousands time better than speaking out. When we find that discussing with someone is worthless, at that time we have to realize that it is a time to stay silent. When we feel we are shattered and no words to say, instead of screaming we can stay silent. We have to go through the various circumstances while we can feel that speaking or taking our words will be worthless that is the time to use our silence which brings us peace and treats us with the circumstances.