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Thursday, September 8, 2016

How women sacrifice their lives

Women spend their lives with a full of sacrifice. Only the rear and few women could have their lives without sacrificing for something and live independently as per their wishes, but many of them are in the same boat. I have seen many women who sacrificed their career because their husband and their  family wanted them to stay at home taking care of the family and children. They gave up their aim of life for the sake of the happiness of their spouse and for the future of their children. Those are the only example that I have seen by myself, but millions of women in the world have been living for the sake of family and children to make them happy sacrificing all of their willingness and the desire.
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I realized how much sacrifice my mother made for us and for her family. I don't have any memory that my mother chose for the sake of her own, but everything was decided by what my father used to tell her and what she thought to make her children and husband happy. She spent her life just for the sake of other’s happiness, but never cared what she had in her own mind. She sacrificed and mingled her desire and thoughts with her family’s happiness. Sometimes I think why  my mom stayed like that way ? Didn't she have her own dream ? No way, everyone has a dream and desire to do something own, but women give up them for the happiness of their family and that's what she did.

I recognized  my mother’s suffering only after I became a mother myself. A mother is the world and creators of a human being  who forget to eat, sleep, friends and relatives just for taking care her little ones. She is the one; who can sacrifices her happiness and all of the desire for her child and give up her willingness and aim of herself just for her children. She is the one who can sacrifice her interest of having fun and entertainment thinking about her family and spouse.

As a human being everyone intends to have fun and wants to spend spare time with friends, but a woman sacrifices their best time of life with their little ones sacrificing their longings. Many educated women choose to stay at home because they think that none in the world can take care of their child as what they do by themselves.  Even they are educated, independent and can stand on their own feet become obligated to be dependent on their husband for the sake of their children while taking care them and raising them.

The sacrifice what women make for the sake of their family and for the spouse can’t be recognized in a male dominant society so called patriarchal social system, but even in the developed country where they are equally educated and  qualified, a woman has to make more sacrifice than a man because of the natural being of childbearing physical possession. A woman needs more compassion and support during the time of childbearing phase, but unfortunately, not all of the women are that level of fortunate getting the support from their spouses. Many women have bitter experience  of losing their partner after having the baby from the hospital and they have to go through the severe pain and have to take the burden of taking the two lives alone on the single head sacrificing their lives for the sake of their children.

I myself experienced the sacrifice how much should I make being a mother. I can’t go out for shopping, outing with friends or to volunteer as I wanted because of my baby. I have to sacrifice all of my feelings and willingness just for the sake of by a child and to take care him. I don’t have enough time to research that I am very fond of doing that on various issues because of my little boy. He doesn’t allow me to stay with laptop neither wants me to read rather I should spend all of my time chasing him behind, making him play, sleep, eat, bath and comforting him all the possible ways as what I can.

It is not only me who is sacrificing the time for the child, all the women of the world have undergone through the same facet of life. We have to make a choice rather our desire or our baby and our child always takes the priority, putting aside all other stuff regardless of important and value of them. Even the money doesn’t make any value and nothing is comparable with the compassion and unconditional love that comes from the sacrifice of mothers for their children.

In addition,  the physical changes after having the baby is a great sacrifice that women makes. Women body shape enormously changes after having that baby and quite difficult to get back the shape. She is the one who makes a man father, without women, man can’t be a father of his children. She sacrificed all her life to make someone's happy, to make someone father and for the happiness of all the human being but unfortunately their sacrifices are not recognized by the men and the society as a human being.