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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Importance of managing temper

Managing a temper in our everyday life is a very important facet as which, tows us to the disturbance
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and ruins our precious time.  Before we get mad at someone, if we keep a few tips in our minds, it will be useful to manage our temper down and shouldn’t regret later in the future.

Managing a temper not only helps us to protect the relation with people but also save from different kinds of disease. Tempering up and screaming out every day is not good for the people who have been suffering from the heart disease. Even the people with high blood pressures should control their temper because if it comes out every day it is unfortunate to invite other related disease and shorten the age.

Many people have a habit of shouting out when they are upset with something and regret after a few minutes. Different people have the different habit of bearing the torture from the third person.  Taking caution is better than to be excused with someone. If we verbally abuse to the people because of our short temper and apologize for that circumstance that we made to the third parties, people who are kind can excuse us because of our request, but some people could be very rigid in nature they believe the word which hurt is more powerful than the physical pain; might not forgive us. There is a saying, if we shoot someone by the word which is more dreadful than beating and also difficult to erase from the mind.  It is believed that physical pain will recover sooner than mental torture.

Due to this fact, it is essential to manage the temper or anger before tempting serious problem. It is quite difficult to forget that pain, even it happens by accident or due to the short temper.  It doesn’t matter in either case because everyone deserves the right of understanding indifferently.  Every human being is different in nature, but the heart of all people is same. Some could have more tolerance capacity, but some couldn’t bear even a single bud and might break the relationship of a long time. Therefore following are the helpful tips to control or manage the temper.

Always think before speak; it helps us a lot considering the words and sentence before speaking out.  If we feel we are mad at someone. If we know the result of what we express at that moment help us to control ourselves and help to choose the best words to not to harm
In addition, if we find the problem and we know it was because of someone's fault; it would be wise to find the root cause of the problem and resolution instead of hurting to the people. If we speak out immediately and fight, it doesn’t only kill our precious times rather it takes a long time to heal mentally recover and to be ready to work.

According to the expert and experienced people, one of the important ways of managing the temper is taking a long breath for a while and staying calm instead of taking out right away finding something wrong. It helps to heal our temper and after we spend some time, it directs our mind toward the peace and save us from hurting others.

Forgiveness is the best way to manage the temper. If we know someone has done something wrong, if we have our mind of forgiveness it will be the best way to manage our temper. But it shouldn’t be unknowing, at least we have to let him/her know that the way he/she did was wrong and need to improve in the future.

One of the best tools to manage the stress, tension, temper, and anger is a relaxation, exercise, and yoga. None of the people in this world can disagree with this truth. It doesn't only help to manage the temper but also helps to sort out the physical disease and keep us physically fit and mentally strong. Let's do exercise and yoga as possible as we can, which is the best way  of keeping us safe, managing our temper and to stay healthy and happy. Cheers!