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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The secret behind the successful women

By Indira Chongbang

Despite of all the existing gender disparities in the world, many women have become the powerful having an access in the most prestigious place.  Tons of questions arise, how they deserved success in their career, enjoying with personal life being as a daughter, mother, daughter in law and wife of someone. It is very interesting to know the secret behind how they reached there and what are the mentors that played a major role to make them successful. Being as a woman I am curious to know about their personal lives, how was their family, how was their friends and relatives and what kinds of background they had possessed?? In order to satisfy the curiosity for myself, I was just hauling on their personal and professional lives which thrilled  me to prepare this article and wanted to post in my blog so whoever are in the same boat can go through for future references.

Before talking about the success of powerful women, I want to point out the reasons behind the problems that women are not comparing equal to male counterparts. Why many women are still lacking behind in the access in education and power ?  This is the most common question we all have. The answer is very simple; the existing stereotype in the society.  In order to break that perception women have to go through the dreadful struggle stages. A success is not something which can be passed by someone or it is not like something which can be thrived by itself with someone. According to the succeed women; patience, dedication and hard work have driven them to be there now. A lot of interesting success stories are there for women who strived and crossed many intimidating fluctuations in their lives. Women are humiliated, discouraged to move forward on any advanced technology or any challenging opportunities by male counterparts. Due to this stereotype of the society women give up the challenges without any trial. They don’t give up, but they are made to feel they are weaker than male and all of the challenging thresholds are built up for men.

People  in our society think  that formidable major while in a college or in higher educations; engineering, science and matches are just made for men and women are considered to be simple as a teacher or in some extend social workers otherwise they are treated as not made equally with men. This is how women are undervalued  and unnerved by our social system.  Women possess more than 50% of the total populations  and they are supposed to deserve the success in the same way in all the areas, but they tend to have only few percentage in technology, decision making level and in possession of physical property,  this is because they are not given the opportunity to grab it. Women who worked hard and don't give up their try only have merited their dream.  Not all the women are lucky who are inspired by  their family and friends, but inspiration is the key factor to move forward in life. The succeed on someone is the hiding result of the catalyst that is played by their parent  and  family background. 

Every year there are questions among the people, who have become the most powerful and successful women of the world. Only the smartest, talented and toughest women can take that position. Many of them are political leader, the business leader, entrepreneurs, investors, scientist and philanthropist. They are the women who have made billion-dollars brands. It was not easy for them to be there today. They have gone through the different stages of life cycle facing the challenges and their will power helped them to grab the opportunities and made them those bold enough to be pointed as wow!. They might have taken the several failures in lives because success can not be imagined without failure, which is the other parts of the same coin like head and tales. They setback with failure and took them into learning opportunities. We are not perfect by ourselves and learning is never ending process. This applied to them too, they invented their knowledge listening to another, they nurtured them and thrived them and achieved a long lasting success.

Life and death are like two sisters one is exciting and other is horrible. We are in life so it should be exciting at all. We are looking for the meaning of life and the value of how worth it could be until we are alive. Death is inevitable intermediary of life which we all have to take it one day. Before that journey, the successful women have enjoyed all aspects of their lives. They sought the purpose of living even trimming with the immense amount of difficulties while managing their work, family and commitments. Despite of the feeling of exhaustion an being overwhelmed they constantly haunt the value of their lives for being themselves. Many times they were disempowered and lost their confidence, but never gave up their hope until their final destination. After all of their hard work and a lot of efforts, they accomplished something significant in the world. That is why they are the most powerful women in the world neither they have less power nor weaker than any men. The end