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Monday, August 10, 2015

Thinking has a power

Thinking has a power

I have been loving this topic since my childhood as I used to read many newspapers and peoples' speech about positive thinking. Why some people are sad and some people are happy all depend on how they think by themselves.  The happiness doesn't belong to property or something that people have, it is created inside by people's perception. That's why I believe that there is a power in the thinking. Sometimes, if I feel miserable, I
don't see any brighter day to come to me. That brings me all the way dark and poor opinion in mind that drives me to be sad and isolated. But, if I feel I am the strongest woman in this word, it generates strength inside me and I start to see all around are lighter and much happier and exciting moments are on the way to come. That's why being positive and thinking positive is a way to be strong and determined by yourself. If you always think only your problem you never be happy in life. Instead of thinking your own problem, just think about the people who are living without the resources what you have now. If you have a job, think about the people who don't have a job. If you think that your salary is low, then think about the people who are surviving with less money than what you have today. These are the way of self-satisfaction if you compare with people due to physical possession or something else.

Many people who are rich but not happy because they don't have a family. Many people who have the family, but still not happy because they don't have enough money to spend for their survival. That's why, if we see someone happier than us that could be only our imagination. None of the people have everything whatever they want and whatever they want to have in their lives. Everyone is chasing behind to find something and to be happy in lives.Some who don't have enough money are running behind to earn more to have the physical possession what they want to have. But, people who ever have money, but don't have family and friends are on the same way to be happy with the people surrounding them. It's the way of living the lives, but becoming frustrated and sad without reason, but only your poor thinking not only make you miserable but might end you on the road.

So, be careful everyone. It is a saying that empty mind is the home of evil, therefore, keep yourself busy. If you have enough time and you don't have friends, try to read new things, create your own idea to do something good not only for yourselves but to the people throughout the world. Life is not only to live and enjoy by yourself, but it is also something else to do for the people and for this world because we are the creator of this nature. That's all for today. See you soon. 08/10/2015