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Sunday, April 22, 2018

The reward

Once upon a time, there was a stranger who was in the palace of the king without permission. The king was very upset about finding someone inside without authority. He investigated about the man who he was. He found that the man was a foreigner and was roaming inside the palace without any
permission. He got mad at him and ordered to give him the death penalty for disobeying his kingdom’s rules and policy.  When everything was prepared to kill the foreigner, he started to murmur cursing to the king, but as he was speaking to the different languages the king didn’t understand what he was talking.

He had a very trustworthy minister who was expert on different foreign languages called him and asked him what he was saying. The minister was well aware of the man and what he was saying to the king. But the Minister said, “ King, he is praising about your kingdom and blessing you for the better future and your tenure”. But in the meantime, there was another minister who was very jealous of the King trustworthy minister wanted to conspire to tell the truth to the king. He came close to the king and said; “ King actually the foreigner is cursing you, but your minister lied to you and said the different thing”.

After he listened to his second minister, the king called the first minister and said why he told that untrue statement to the king. The first minister replied; “ It is true king I gave you a false statement because the man was using the words to curse you that I didn’t want to explain which would make you sad and more upset. I know the human is always over than the rule of the Kingdom. He was innocent and he was losing his life without any fault. If my words of false could save his life, why wouldn’t I use that for the sake of humanity? That is why I manipulated the meaning King”.

After hearing the statement of the first minister, he became happy with him and in his reward, he released the foreigner from the death penalty. But due to the intention of the conspiracy, the stepped down, his second minister and asked him to leave the palace and told that he was just trying to take the revenge with someone but indeed that was not fair for overall message.

People whoever intend to make someone wrong comes to be proved wrong by oneself sooner or later. Don’t waste your time thinking about pulling someone down or making someone worse rather spend your precious time for working yourself and for the humanity.