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Sunday, March 4, 2018

The toughest choice

In different circumstances, some choices are very hard to decide whether to take it or leave it. During the college life; choosing the major subject is one of the toughest ones as everything is influenced by

various factors. There are always people around us who believe what is better and what thing to make
a better sense while choosing. The opinions of our loved ones and our own thoughts contradict
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some extent which makes our choice more complicated.

In some cases, when many options come in our life which are always confusing to choose which is correct. For examples; whether to get married or stay single, whether to have kids or not, whether to have only one kid or multiple and so on. Our decisions depend with the diverse conditions and a lot of elements what influence in our life. The most important thing while making a right decision during this hard choice is to listen to our own heart. We try to make everyone happy, we try to care everyone, but after all our own life is one of the most important that matter the most. Despite trying hard to make everyone happy, it is not possible to control people's opinion because everyone is different in this world and they are the ones who are aware of our flaws and setbacks.

We always consider what other people may think of me if I choose this decision or if I do this or do that. No matter what we do either good or bad we can't be perfect and kind in all of their eyes. That is why our life is our priority and our happiness is the first which significant the most. Always listen to your heart and decide what it tells you. You can't make everyone happy and you can't do what other people want you to do. You have to be yourself first because you are born for you, not for everyone. I don't mean we have to be isolated, selfish, self-centered and egocentric, but during the tough choices, we have to identify the priority that is our heart and soul. Nobody understands our own problems and opinion except our own heart. It only knows what really I am willing to do and willing to have in my own life.

We are arousing, aspiring and motivated to do the new choice in life and every hard choice gives us an opportunity to adore it. Life is not always absurd rather it is full of contentment if we decide to take the right choice. The wrong choices lead to the hardship, but it doesn't mean we are ended and everything has been destroyed. Never give up the hope, and always remember that even the wrong choices teach us the most important lesson in life which could be the unforgettable moment and stays with us as a strike while making a new choice in life.