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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Life without obstacles

How will be the life without any obstacles, difficulties, and hardships? We may think that the life will be absolutely perfect and we can enjoy the life to the fullest. But this is completely wrong. If we don't have any problems, hardship, and obstacles the researchers have discovered that it will lead to
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1. Our progress will stop

The life without any obstacles means our progress will stop completely. If we don't have a problem, we don't have to resolve them. It means we shouldn't think anything, neither we have to choose the way to create something new. We are facing challenges every day those are the opportunity to make something differences and to extend our ideas, views, and knowledge. But, if we don't have to anything for tomorrow that means our progress will stop

2. We will be about of aspiring 

Without any obstacles, we can't imagine our brighter future tomorrow. If everything is enough, now we don't need to seek for our satisfaction. Full satisfaction is the end of aspiration which never let something to enter inside with the hope of tomorrow and for the better future. It wastes our skills and knowledge as we don't use them. Nothing meaningful will be created if there are no obstacles on our way

3. Zero utilization of our capacity 

If we imagine the life without difficulties, the utilization of our brain and mind will be completely zero level of capacity. Our mind will stay idol without thinking. When we bang on our way, we may think to clean up our way. In order to complete that job, we have to work hard and use our capacity as much as we can. Contrary to this situation, life without problems means stays idle, with no hope for tomorrow and no willingness to work for the changes.

In the end, our problems, challenges, and difficulties are the part of our life which keep up uplifting us every day using our capacity, our brain and with the hope of betterment, with the excitement of the better future. Don't hesitate to tackle any problems and challenges which are the guidance and opportunity to sharpen you smoother and better day by day.