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Friday, November 10, 2017

The reason why the snack crawl on the ground

The Snake Was Crawling On The Ground by KP Ghimire

The Snake was crawling on the ground. The Eagle flew to her and said, “How unfortunate you are, doomed to crawl all your life. Not like me. I am destined to fly.”
The Snake looked at the Eagle and said, “You are right Eagle, I can’t fly. But only I know what it means to fly.”

“How can you know that?”
The Eagle smiled, “You don’t have the wing!”

“Thoughts are my wings”, said the Snake proudly.
“Dreams are my heaven. While crawling on the ground I close my eyes and I see the heaven. I imagine that I’m crawling in heaven, not on the ground. Yes, it’s impossible to crawl into heaven, you can only fly. It means that in those moments I am flying. In my free thoughts, I am learning to fly, Eagle.

With my soul, I am arising to the high heaven, so when my time comes and my life as a snake comes to an end, I could ascend into the blue heaven, into the endless heaven and fly, to fly and not think about anything, enjoying my freedom. And I won’t be afraid to fly because it won’t be a new thing for me. For you Eagle, the wings were given as you were born, but not for me. But the heaven will make us equal.

We will be flying together one day, Eagle, under the clouds. Only I will be stronger and freer than you, because I have learned how to fly without having wings, simply crawling on the ground. Both things are available for me. I am not afraid to lose my wings because I know how to crawl, and I am not afraid to gain wings because I know how to fly. And what will you do, Eagle, if you lose your wings?”