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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The pleasure of having a dream

“ Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.”- Dale Turner

We have to dream every day either big or small, no matter if it dies on its way. We can renew our dream and foster but it is my crime if I don’t dream. “ Without dreams, there can be no courage. And
Source: Flying in dream
without courage, there can be no action.” Having a dream is a determination and making a path to walk every day. If we don’t have the dream, then we are confused where to walk as there are several lines of choices and without choosing the one, it is quite difficult to figure out which one is correct.

Dreams encourage our endeavors that we make and add the value and commitment that we want to make in our life. To accomplish the greatest thing in life we should dream first despite having many disparities in the present time. Without the dream, we don’t act and without any action, we don’t accomplish. It is the basic foundation of moving on the accurate line of action which gives the right directions and identifies if it goes beyond the line.

I seem my dreams are impossible and improbable, but I don’t stop it because I am confident and know the truth if I want to make it I should dream regardless of the failure. Numerous dream already died without any accomplishment, but I haven’t abandoned to dream it again because I am confident regardless of my failures, I will make one of my dreams to come to be true as I believe every failure in life is waiting for the brightest part to come to embrace the true glory of life and to let it identify my hard work and tireless efforts.

I have learned from the successful people’s life experience nothing happen in life if we don’t dream and all our future depends on our dream what we try to shine one day. Having a dream always dictates to have a better choice and better accomplishment than having no dream. Dreamless people are always confused and they don’t know the directions of their lives. Dreamers are always far-sighted and possess wider vision who can eliminate the negative events and focus on their goal of life.