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Monday, November 20, 2017

The beautiful minds always portrait the best

If our feeling is beautiful and our mind is beautiful, then we will be able to portrait the best pictures of everything. Nothing remains ugly, sad and unfortunate, but everyone deserves the happiness, fortune, satisfaction and all the well being around every cycle of life. The beautiful minds always
Langtang Lirung 7234m high By Man Raj Tamu
consider everyone is genuine, honest, and the one with the unlimited potential.

A tree goes throughout different phases of life, it may pass through the leafless and remains only with the empty limbs, but sooner it will be filled the colors having beautiful leaves. After stepping up that pace, it appears beautifying the nature and adding the values of its existence. If we compare our life, in the same way, it comes and goes throughout the different phases.  It doesn't stay in the warm bed all the times but has to sleep in the cold weather as well.

No matter in what phases we are; the beautiful minds always think that it is temporary and sooner the changes may come to life. Nothing is permanent, neither the comfort nor the trouble. We need not to worry about our present because tomorrow is coming soon. We need not be over fascinated with our well being because we never know what comes to be the tomorrow.

We should respect our life, our jobs, our identity regardless of what circumstances we are. We should live our lives with respect and dignity, no matter what jobs we have, no matter how difficult situations we are facing. Because as given the example of the tree we also have to encircle our lives through the various stages. We should portrait everything beautifully and pleasantly that give us the enthusiasm, excitement, and motivation in life. If we squeeze our mind and narrow down this world we may destroy the outer spare, but if we enlarge our eyes it goes far beyond the distance than what we are able to see in the present.