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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What are the causes of suffering

We have many reasons that make us sad, unhappy, frustrated and anxious. The major reason that drives us in that situation is we are always dependent on the other people. We need love, compassion, validation, appreciation, and approval for what we are doing all the times. We always expect the
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positive feedback and coordination from the people we are in our surroundings. But if they are not what we expect, then we tend to have the tension, frustration, and anxiety.

The expectation is the major enemy in our lives in the sense of getting from others. We always expect that to be our spouse loving, caring, supporting to us, but when it doesn't happen then we suffer, we get mad, upset and frustrated. We know the essence of life and happiness, how to make it works out to prevail the peace and happiness within our house. We always try our best thing to make that we dream to have but when the expectations contradict to the outcomes, then we get distracted and feel intimidated and ignored.

In fact, our life is full of compromise and surprises. In order to avoid the suffering, we have to minimize our expectations and dependency with the someone even we love the most. We are born alone, and will go away alone from this earth one day and if we are aware of all the truth why we need the temporary companion of someone who may leave at any time during the course of a journey. Our soul is the best friend and only the permanent companionship which overs till the end of life. Everyone comes and go from our lives, but only our soul remains with us forever giving the company to share the pain, pressure, comfort, joy, and happiness.

One of the other reasons of suffering is our eyes to see the world. We always narrow down our sight and forget about tomorrow rather we compare our job, relationship, possession with the people. We think our job is very bad, I don't have enough money compared to my friends, I don't have enough property as my friends have lots, I don't have the best relationship with my spouse as I see how happy my friend having their conjugal lives. Those are all the common mistake that we are inviting every day to suffer without any valid reasons. We have to avoid comparing with other rather should widen our eyes and think that if it is not with me today, there is always tomorrow to come with me.
Everyone is different and unique likewise our situations may differ from other though it doesn't mean I should be sad unhappy. Rather we have to cope with the situations and avoid the thoughts which always drive us to the dark. We need to find the lights which show the brighter future and permanent happiness that we really want to have.


Anonymous said...

Agree with you girl!