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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

We are different but we are together

We have come from the different background, different culture, different schooling and different parenting. Regardless of these differences, we are together for our common goal. With the great vision of helping each other and preserving our indigenous knowledge, language and culture in the foreign land, FIWNA ( Federation of Indigenous Women of Nepal in America) established in 2011 and has registered in the New York City and also obtained the 501 © (3) in US revenue services of USA
 Participating in First Nepal Day parade in New York 2016

Celebrating International Women day 2014

We have many opportunities working together and it is a great honor to help each other even it is not that outstanding jobs in the people's eyes it has the utmost pleasure to utilize our spare time to help someone in need. Our mission is to inspire the indigenous women of Nepal in America to be united under this umbrella in order to protect our traditional knowledge, language and culture supporting each other with the love and compassion. We are together with a reason to make something different in this world and it is possible when we joined our hands together.

Our belief also connects to make the feeling of ‘we’ and prevent the loneliness as many of us have been struggling here alone  parting from family and relatives. We want to be a home of everyone and want to share the love with each other as family members who join us for the common goal. We treat our members equally regardless of the origin, age, background and education. We have made our organization as a place to share the pain and pressure during the hard time that we can never anticipate who might suffer when.

Despite having the busy schedule of work, home and many with studies, we have been able to segregate our little time to contribute the members when anyone goes through the adequate sadness and
Interaction with the Professor of Colombia University in 2012
grievance to provide condolences, sympathy and to make the feeling that we are always here together. We are proud to be united and don’t listen to the people who try to disintegrate our power. We face intimidation from the people who don’t want our union works out, we believe in integration and unity which create a great clout to work forward to help the people who are in need. We are enthusiastic we will make a countless result one day working hard together.

Celebrating Tihar 2012
Since its establishment; we have helped numerous people of Nepal who need the support for medical treatment, and became the victim of the massive earthquake of Nepal in 2015. We also provide the support for the newcomer regarding the job, rent, finding a lawyer, immigration issues, and much more voluntarily. Recently; we FIWNA members collected tiny contributions as a self interest amount for the treatment of Madan Tamang who is one of the indigenous man of Nepal originally form Solu has been treating for kidneys failures. This is only one example of our humanitarian effort, we don't hesitate to support the people deducting our personal expenses thats why we are pleased to be here today. We are on behalf of humanity and will always keep the faith of helping people and share the pain, pressure keeping in mind the goal of our organization.
Blogger writer of this site Indira Chongbang, one of the founders of FIWNA


Anonymous said...

Great job ladies, go ahead and hit your mission.

All the best!