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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"The Dream"

It was the dream

The moments came to be true what I wished
The thought was reflected in the unknown pictures
The portrait was chasing me behind
With the necklace of happiness
Brought the joy with the future of prosperity

I never had to care about the present
Neither had scarcity of something I like
The god had sent apparently on my presence
Even it was an image of stranger
It came to be true to my dream
It was a dream which brought a hope
It was the castle where I wanted to dive
It was everything for what I am chasing behind

I woke up with the emptiness
But still, the memory had left behind
Kept on thinking and wishing whether it could come to be true
The dream may remain as a dream but I wish
It may come to be true one day
It will fill the life with real colors that I want
It will define my life with the meanings that I wish
It will be true to deserve what I want and wish to be

Happy dreaming!