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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Happy Friendship Day!

Happy friendship day to you all my beloved friends. A true friend identifies the weakness and flaw as dictate to correct my mistake, a true friend always encourages me and inspires me to move forward in
New York city
life improving the mistakes of the past and give the best suggestions whatever he/she would have defected on their mind. Life without friends can't be imagined and nothing is there with you if you are alone and don't expect the support from friends.

Understanding the values of friends people started to celebrate the friendship day and history has marked the first Sunday of August of each year as the friendship day.  This remark carries the greatest strength in life as the friends only the word possesses the enormous values and respect of being the human in this world.

The friends help you to heal your pain and pressure, the friends listen to you for your hard time and give you advice whatever good or bad might happen. She/He might have on their mind all the time's Friendship is a beautiful part of the life which always support to each other to strengthen and sharpen our knowledge and values. That is your friend who wants to share the happiness with you and want to share pain pressures and difficulties. Not only that stuff but also thrilled to support you during your hard times.

I have a beautiful memory of childhood where my friends gave a glass of homemade wine with love but unfortunately I became you unconscious after having that and tried to hide with my family but eventually, everyone knew the truth. This was the greatest gift for friendship what we had. We deserved the closest bond of friendship and felt the true honor being for each other. Friends will remain forever doesn't matter where we live and where we are around the globe. I have spent many precious times in life that I never forget and delete from my mind. I am writing this blog honoring them and on the memory of the beautiful time, we spent together. Happy friendship day to you all!