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Friday, July 14, 2017

The week of silence

Usually, I can't keep silent by myself throughout the week as I can't cease connecting with friends and relatives day out day in. Even it could happen by writing a post, sometimes creating some lines in the form of status and most of the times by chatting. It has been about a week that I have been disregarding my messenger. Still glad to see many friends curiosities to know about me and also
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laughed finding their anxiety and feeling of ignorance.

Early in the morning, I checked my messenger f and found many were concerned about my day to day life and from two friends was little different as they thought I completely changed and didn't want to talk with them anymore. I don't know whether it is my mood or something, sometimes I don't have times even write a single word and just leave them.

Many have suspected me in different ways. Some of them have thought I don't want to talk because I am beautiful, some said;  I don't talk because I am educated, other doubted I underestimate them and much more. Everyone has their own life and own story. Whatever you think I totally understand your feeling but in fact by mood or something I didn't reply a single message except the emergency and anything important. 

I hope we are friends and will stay in this friendship regardless of your feeling of ignorance. I am not truly mad at you. I can talk to you whenever I will have a chance or my mind says it's okay to discuss whatever issues come over. But  I can't compel myself to talk unless I am ready for that. I respect you all and admit you on my social network, but I plea you please don't feel ignored or disrespected. I am always with you and will remain with you all forever. I haven't undetermined and I am not that kind who overvalues oneself. I am an ordinary and common human being with a big dream in mind, but just struggling on the way. I need your blessing and support as you all are my strength and inspiration. Thank you for being around my world!


Anonymous said...

Everything doesn't happen same way Madam !