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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Life is a triumph not only absurd (The lesson from the KIMFF)

It has been almost a long week that I am away from my blog. Received several messages from my audiences and I am proud to be here today again because of your love and care. Ultimately I have found the meaning of my life and value of my existence in this world because of your curiosity to follow my writing. I am a human being same like you, I might have to tackle and face many hurdles over the time beings which make me away from you sometimes, but I can't disappear forever.

I am going to share a beautiful story that I learned from today; " Life is a triumph not only absurd" attending the KIMFF ( Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival) organized by Everest times in association with the Himal Association. It was my pleasure to attend and watched those best documentaries which were not only motivating but thrived to search the meaning and why I haven't done anything at this age yet though I have everything in my life. I have four limbs in proper forms, all the body parts and brain, which function well, but still nothing in compared to those who had been spending their life more precisely.

 I watched only three documentaries; "In search of Devaki, Beyond the white cane and Bahrakhari Lauro. All were amazing where we can see how people find the meaning of their lives even after numerous suffering. In fact, the first one carries the real picture of western Nepal tradition that made many women become the single mother. After all, it has been disappearing, which is the great relief to those poor women who were sold for Deuki. The second one gives the greatest lesson in life as a courageous man without vision has been living not only himself but taking care of his family working hard for twelve hours in a day. The third one has also carried an ultimate inspiration to all the people which depict the story of a man, which is handicapped due to some disease, but working out hard to extend the light of education to the children of his village.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance as today was Saturday, my spouse had a plan to take our son away to the Zoo, I had to run away leaving the rest of the shows with weighty steps. After all, I made my son and his dad happy giving companion and letting to expose them as per his plan. Eventually, I couldn't attend the final invitation which came around 3 pm for the same day today about 8.30pm. I determined to go initially, but couldn't collect any leftover energy to step out after walking and visiting so many places today. In addition, it was a blast pleasure to have this beautiful time with my friend Machchhe Gurung and couldn't wait to take selfie even we had zero hours.