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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

When creations out of the mind

It doesn't matter how people think or what they believe what I am, I keep on posting  on my blog because it's I my passion. I am very much proud of my audience who visit every day from the different countries and I don't forget to count the numbers everyday. About 500 to
1000 people around the world visit my blog everyday that I know throughout my data. I can also read how many people from which countries came to read my blog. I also know many of my readers have been impressed with me and send me numerous messages expressing their feelings.

I am a human being same as you and I have many responsibilities like you. It is not easy to be a working mother. I work 8 hours but have to spend two hours of commute. It's not my intention to be away from my child, but you know I live in one of the most expensive city in the world and I have to survive here paying a huge sum of bill every month. I understand totally what you think and why you are impressed with me, but I am sorry I am unable to respond to each of your messages. I respect you all and salute your thought, but still I have one comment you several people read about 500 on average but none of your except few leave your comments and feedback that makes me so sad.

I didn't update anything for a few days because I didn't have mood. Whenever I don't post new title, then many of you become curious to Know what's going on with me. I am proud to be surrounded wishing you and for winning your heart and thought, but please don't think I am ignoring you all. You all are more than anything in my journey, nothing was possible if we weren't there for me. You don't leave your comments probably many of you don't want to disclose your identity but that's ok. I know the numbers and your curiosity that you love my creations so much and wait everyday for the new post.

When I don't create anything I feel myself like a dump or empty minded, I would like to spend my spare time just entertaining myself. When I feel lazy my readers who wait for my new post fuel new energy then without considering it's weight I just write some little thing.  Wherever you are, whoever you are, you are the one who have kept me alive in this journey. I would like to thank  you all from my bottom of heart and I hope our companionship will remain as a bond forever. Once again thanks a lot!