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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Working out with the differences

Everyone in this world is unique and different, but we have to live in a family and work with the people from various backgrounds and have different perceptions than what we have. Sometimes it
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trails our journey ambiguous, but in the meantime, we have to develop the power of tolerance otherwise we can't survive being social creatures.

According to the Darwin law; only the fittest one can survive in the world. That is why only the one, which can be fitted to all the human being, will succeed in life. Working out the differences magnifies our capabilities to work together in teamwork and build an inner strength which ignores vicissitudes that just waste the times.

Due to the differences of a human being, it is always tough to maintain a relationship usually if the both parties have higher levels of disagreement. We have to bind to have some level of compromise and should sacrifice our feeling regardless of how we care that we are right. We try to defense ourselves, but it doesn't resolve rather it explode sometimes more severely. If we don't take a caution dealing with those circumstances, it results in the unexpected outcomes in life.

If we may find the people who always praise us, like us and treat us fairly then this world could have been different than what is now. If everyone has the same opinion, the word conflict would have deleted from the dictionary. The world war happened because of the disagreements, because of the differences among human being. We have to accept this universal truth, but our own opinion shouldn't be contingent with what other people may think about us. If people don't like us, criticize us or talk our back that is a natural thing and should take that easily.

If you are feeling weak and think that other people are always superior to me then there should be something wrong with you. You have to find out the reason for your vulnerability and should improve your obstructions. Self-improvement and self-confidence are the most important attributes in life which teach us how to deal with the people with different opinions and help us to undertake the glitches that may arise due to the wrong judgment of oneself.