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Saturday, May 20, 2017

An abandoned hope ( Short Story)

The sun was shining stunningly from the east. The contemplation of the sun to the blue water was flashing on the skyline. She had never anticipated that day would come in her life. The groom was mind-blowing, so gorgeous, mild and cool. He didn't only possess the physical attendance, but also
Wedding picture from Google
had a great recognition in the community and the nation as a political leader. She had been decorated with one of the most expensive gowns and diamond and pearl had spread around her neck, ear, and head. She was the bride the most attractive part of the scene. Her friends were crying with a joy of happiness and pleasures. Everyone was showing their emotions miracles might happen in our lives unpredictably.

Until yesterday she was a maid in a hotel. She was beautiful and tall. The pink color make-up and rounding her hair around her head was giving her looks of a queen. The people surrounded in that environment had never thought that she could be that much beautiful when she would put on those items on her. It was hard to wait even for a few minutes to someone who was giving her a new life.

Her past life was terrible, fighting with a dreadful ride, became a single mother, had to take the responsibility of her family but she never hesitated and ran away from that battle. She banged thousands of times on the way but kept on moving. She was a maid with a dream to be a manager one day. She never had a husband in her life but wished to have a loving and kind one. Her wishes came to be true surprisingly without any clue. She did not believe the moment was real. She was a bit confused either she was in her dream or in a real life.

She was wondering how everything came to be true, in the meantime a tall and attractive guy who was with a cream color of the suit, had black shoes, red tie at the neck, gray hair with a bucket of flowers was approaching her closely. She became so emotional; her heart trembled and craved gently. He arrived, closely and held her hand; he wrapped her in his arms and kissed her softly on her cheek and mouth. She dropped a tear from her eyes and held him back tightly. She sobbed for that love of her life, which she had abandoned from her imagination. " Jill thank you so much for coming back in my life, I was waiting for you for a decade-long but almost have lost my hope".  She finally brought her words out. "I love you so much Sera, I am sorry for going away from your life but I realized I couldn't live my life happily without you". He replied. The bond of their reunion appeared extraordinary, everyone's eyes were filled with moist watching them and listening to them, which was coming out quietly. Everyone wanted to keep that bond alive forever until they live their lives.

Ting ting the alarm started to ring. She woke up  and turned off the alarm and rubbed her eyes. She stretched her arm and body and regretted putting the alarm on. She wanted to enjoy the fullest joy but had to come out from the middle. She took the newspaper she had purchased yesterday out of her pillow where the 'Jill' her ex-boyfriend and father of her son was on the front page. He left her almost a decade ago after having their son Mike. She had removed him from her imagination since then. Struggling herself and moving forward her life alone with the hope of her son. Without any reason why she wanted to read that news and tempted to read him throughout his face. She put hat newspapers back to her pillow after going through a top to bottom once and calmly thought why she couldn't abandon this hope that he could come back again. After thinking a while she disappeared to get ready for her routine. The End!


Aywn said...

Nice presentation but still excited to be truest one at the end!