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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spending weekends with my little boy

Motherhood is one of the most exciting moments of life as everyone enjoys this precious span of life. While taking care of the young age of kids we have to undergo different kinds of circumstances that fluctuates ups and down and make us feel happy and sad in the same circles. The happiness that we
Mukkum Hang celebrating Easter. Photo by his Dad Walihang
feel while holding our baby can’t be achieved with any other substances and experience in life but in the meantime innumerable challenges that we have to face to grow them and make them a human being.

Whenever weekends close to my door, I make several plans and think lots of things to do but eventually I end up just completing few portion of every segregated attempt. My little boy is now two year and a half and super active little boy. He is so curious to try new things and I scare to leave him alone. He wants my presence most of the times doesn’t matter either his dad is there or not. Sometimes, I put him with iPad in order to do my other household stuff but regret when I become free. I have to play with him or put him in front of TV otherwise no choice. He goes daycare five days during my working days.  It was quite difficult in the initial days but we are getting used to day by day.

Living the life in the foreign land and growing children is not easy without the support of family members. We both work and can’t stay idle here for a long time. After having a baby, earning money and other desire turned to the fewer priorities stuff. We can’t compare the love of our child with money or another achievement. If I was conscious about money I would have sent him to Nepal to save money but I don’t think money is all the substance that even substitute the love of motherhood. That’s why I feel nothing matters in life and I can’t compare my child with anything doesn’t matter it could be the palace of fantasy and joy that I can obtain after alienating with him. I can stay without food but can’t live my life without my child.

I realized and experienced the love of mother how they sacrifice their lives for the sake of the children. I learned many things after having child in my life good and bad experience and compromise that we have to make with the disagreement between the spouses. I have heard different stories of motherhood and I used to be surprised before having my child, but now I am experiencing the truth what really a mother has to face and how to maintain the daily life. Happiness that our child gives to us can’t be measured with anythings but on the meantimes, we don’t have our personal life that we have to sacrifice for that opportunity of motherhood.

My little boy is so innocent who diverts my pain into a smile, loves me so much that I hadn’t experienced before. His love is different than what my parent used to do and other people of my life. He is so unique, so adorable, creates every day a new word that astonishes my moments and I forget everything and find that he is my world, he is my life and he is my everything. Nothing can replace his presence and his love. He is the cutest little boy, his warm companion pushes away all my stress and bad feeling far away to the horizon. I love you more than myself my Mukkum Hang !