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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Marvelous love letter

My dear sweetheart,

 I am so glad to be your part of life and I don't have any words to express my gratitude and love in return of your compassion, Your love is so marvelous and incomparable it with any substance or realization. I believe that our love has a purity and purpose for everlasting joys joining the souls
Beautiful flower by Bardhoj Okhrabo
together in the same threads.  My life was like a dry mud without water in your absence, I was like a tree without leaves, but you filled the colors of my life when you arrived. You are so amazing to me you ponderous every moment in my thoughts and mind.

You are my inspiration, motivation to spark the lights of the everyday. You lit the kindle to the shade and make it brighter than usual. I am so astonished because of your love and compassion. Probably god has made you just for the sake of me and you are made for me not only this life but the lives whenever I will bear again. Your love means a lot of things for me. Your companionship and support made me so confident and strong that I can't express in any words. I wouldn't be here today If I didn't meet you on this earth. I am enjoying the moments of heaven because of your love.

I opened my eye every morning with a smile of hope and happiness because of your existence in this world. I understand how important and precious you are in my life to share all the pain, pressures, happiness and comfort all the ways to make sure we are okay along the journey together. I can't imagine my single moment without you. Even we could be far in the distance but you can't go away from my imagination. You remain with me and will remain with me forever until my existence on this earth.

The charm of your love is incomparable with anything in this world. You are the cutest, most adorable and the most lovable creature of this world. The journey was long loneliness without blessing in your absence. I know the soul is superior to a physical body and the union of the soul has the greatest strength of this earth.  You have always influenced me to be better to do better and to have multiple things in lines to be better than yesterday.

Your love has always possessed the purity and worth. I believe you more than myself and the trust of your love. I wish your love will remain in my life as an inspiration forever and also wish your love and compassion to make this world great may reach to the heart of all the human beings. Yes, you are so true that we all human beings have to have the responsibility to make this world better, to change this world more advanced as our life is connected with them,  we directly have the influences making changes on them. Let's  share the values and resources within all the creatures and let's spread the love among all acknowledging the worth of ourselves and our responsibility of being human of this wonderful land.

Thanks again for coming into my life. I wish and hope our union and bond will play an exemplary role to show the real path of humanity.

Your loving