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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Let’s celebrate today accepting the present.

We are bonded with the different momentums of life with the experience of the past, and with the hope of the future. All the past, present and future is chasing behind us every moments connecting to each other. Past experience could be amazing or sometimes traumatic, it keeps a great sense and impact on life everyday.
The bitter past experience always bites our current strength and try to seize our existing capabilities. In order to live our life in the present and shape the better future we have to live our life in the present and celebrate the moments what we have now accepting the fact and truth of the present.

Everyone’s life is not easy and so perfect. Our way can twist and turn to the edge sometimes which we don’t like it. We might have lost our loved ones which are quite difficult to delete from the mind and gives the adverse outcomes in the present. In order to have the life what we want and want to be tomorrow we have to enjoy and celebrate today because past is already gone which never come back. If we made a mistake in the past, we can’t make any changes because it is already gone away. Let’s think only the present. Whatever situation we are today, let's enjoy the glory of the spectrum.

Present is in our hands and we can make it as per our desire. We can convert the difficulties and challenges into happiness if we accept the truth. Whatever happens outside that is just the natural things that may come and go away. Our persistent power of inner thought and soul to convert the difficulties can be a great teacher of life which may teach us every time we need it. We may survive in the painful momentum, but the cycle of our life turns into blissful one day. We have to accept the truth of life doesn’t mean it happens all the times with joys and greatness, but we have to accept it and have to celebrate it.

We can’t control the circumstances, what may happen, but we can always take the opportunity to learn the lesson from that happening. Many of us engage our time with the regular duties no matter either household errands or the office activities. We can celebrate it if we work passionately and taking everything excitingly. How hard the work could be but we can enjoy the moments if we have inner peace and acceptance of the truth. When we keep on practicing to accept the present and celebrate the moment, our mind and thought changes and converts automatically to be more productive, more focused, more centered, more charming, and alluring toward the success handling everything more comfortable than with a mind of fear and anxiety.

One of the best options to celebrate today is to appreciate oneself for being today and having this beautiful light of the sun. We can enjoy the life fullest amount with the process which may contain the sadness and difficulties. It may not last long because we have to be proud for being oneself in this world, we are confident to make something different and we are so blissful to make things better and prettier every day. Everything is simple and easy going if we accept the truth, but it will be complex if we doubt and suspect every time. We have to heal our mind which is as important as our physical well being. If we can celebrate our today only it is possible to have a brighter future tomorrow.