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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Techniques for coping with tough time

We might face a difficult time in daily life due to the various circumstances. Sometimes we may face the difficulties because of the bad financial situations, sometimes we may lose our jobs,  likewise, we have to cope with emotional setbacks due to the loss of our loved ones. We can never predict what
comes tomorrow, but is it a common understanding now, we have to cope with any kinds of hardship that may come anytime. Learning the techniques is important remedies which inspire to live and also strengthen our capabilities to face them.

Information is one of the important tools to empower our emotional well-being.  If we learn more, it is always better and helpful rather than keeping oneself idol and passive. Everyone is concerned with the major remedies for the problem, but the fact of life is that we never totally get away from the problems or difficulties rather we can adopt some techniques to face them and make the life easy going and moving forward.

Below are some techniques.

1. Letting the emotions out.

We may feel anger, anxious, vengeful and cry depending on the extent and degree of its impact. We try to hold our tear and try to hide inside. We also hide our anxiety and anger away. Of course, it is wise to hold within us as it may have a negative impact on the surrounding, but one important technique to cope with the difficult times is to let them out. We can manage our separate time in order to avoid the distraction to other people and let them out. We should let our cry out, let our tear out and all activities for a while. But it should have some set period of time after then we have to rule our thought and keeping and holding with discipline.

2. Accepting the fact.

It is really hard to accept the truth sometimes when an unexpected may come. Our loved one may leave us on the way or something bad may happen which is out of the imagination. If we don’t accept the truth, it is very difficult to overcome from that tough time. We have to widen our mind and see the world and what are the universal truth. Death is the truth of life same as success and failure are both the parts of our journey. We may slip away sometimes on the way out but should accept the truth and try to find out the options which are available. Everything has a reason, we have to understand whatever comes to us might bring some significant reason that we have to know and expect the good things are on its way. Accepting the fact and visualizing the opportunities is one of the best ways to cope with tough time.


We may be sad today or poor today due to certain reason, but we have to gratitude for being ourselves and our achievement what we have made so far. Putting aside all the sadness, anger and horrible feeling for a while and we have to acknowledge what we have materialistic or nonmaterialistic substances that cooperate with every single moment. We should be grateful for having friends, family member, their companionship, love, support, and inspiration. If we have kids then we must be grateful being one of the wonderful parents of the world. Looking the self-gratitude and giving the gratitude is one of the best ways to get outs from the tough time.

4. Sharing the feeling.

Support and companionship are always important in tough time. We can seek the support from our friends, family, and relatives. It is said that if we share our pain, it will be reduced in some amounts and if we share our happiness it will be doubled in quantity. That’s why it is always important to have friends and relatives to seek help and support.

5. Self-care.

Personal care is one of the most important factors that is directly related to coping with the difficulties. If we care ourselves prioritizing our jobs, managing well eating the right things at the right time, it is always easier to cope with any kind of frustrating situations. Ignoring the personal care may bring the other biggest disaster that we have to keep in mind.