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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Life without electronic devices

Everyone hand is filled with iPhone or any other electronic devices nevertheless what kind of situation they are either standing inside the crowded train or spending leisure time. Life without any electronic devices cannot be imagined as it has been a habit to keep oneself busy either chatting or reading materials online. It was the day of yesterday when I went to serve a trial jury for the first time in life to the courthouse.

I never knew the purpose of long lines on the same queue was same. After entering the building I came to know that almost five hundred people were there in the same room in order to serve the jury. The court clerk managed all the people to sit in the rows directing based on the summons that each of them had carried with them. After then the clerk started to announce repeatedly; " no iPhone, no iPad,
no laptops or any electronic devices. It is the rule of the court to keep your phone in silent or vibrate mode and away from you,  otherwise, your devices will be seized away. If you think you have an emergency, you can go on the other side of the brown wall, but still, you are not allowed to face time, video chat, selfie or taking the pictures inside this house. We don't chase you everywhere, but if we detect this type of behaviors your device will be taken away and you will be penalized".

I always put my phone in the silent mode so I didn't have a problem with turning it.  After everyone was seated, we were asked to fill the questionnaires which were on the back of the summons and handed over to them as per their instructions. They gave a brief speech about the service and how long we were going to be there and what would be the procedure and what we had to do at the end. It wasn't sure in the beginning how the service days would extend. They just asked us to wait until they would announce the panel name.

They turned on the TV;  a horrible movie was coming on which kept engaging to some people. I never watch those kinds of movies and didn't pay any attention to watching rather I felt so sleepy and bent my head on the chair behind and assumed to fall asleep. I turned my head to check the situations of other people and found that many were snoring. Waiting is really tough stuff in life and again, no mobile nothing else I realized how hard life could have if smartphones wouldn't have invented yet. I was about to take out my mobile as I forgot I was in the. court house. The clerk announced again; " It is completely a big no no ladies and gentlemen and I am seeing some of you are using your devices inside your bag, please don't do that as it is prohibited here, I don't want to come to you and take your device away". My lighting of the awareness came into consciousness and hid my phone again.

Again it was so boring to spend time without any things. I knew we should be familiar with the people and introduce with new people in a short span of time. When everyone started to talk the noise began and the clerk gave the warning to hold the conversation. Oh, my god, it was horrible to keep silent without those friends who stay always in the pocket. The movement was like a punishment we all had made and we were there due to that guilt we did. I said to the man who was feeling bored and yearning to my next chair " I could have brought many books to read if I would have known this situation". " You can bring it tomorrow", he said. " Are you sure we should come tomorrow", I said.  He looked confident and said, " It could be not only tomorrow rather may not last even the end of the week". I scared because I had already tired of the waiting.

I went to the restroom on the other side of the brown wall and found that many people had moved to that side just to be engaged with their devices. They had to return back to their seats when the announcement began and had to go back there in rush whose name were still not announced for the panel to serve the case. I observed the every single moment with an electronic device and discovered that it was not only me everyone life was sophisticated without anything to play in hands. I was amazed but thinking to carry many books for the next day, but fortunately we many got a certificate of the jury service for the first day which will be valid for four years.