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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Invisible friends

Having fun with friends and family is a great relief from stress and energize our muscle and cellular parts with nourishment. Sharing happiness, pain, and pressure with friends have a great advantage in
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life. Socialization and communication with friends and relatives are considered more proactive and productive human beings rather than staying isolated oneself.

Even after understanding all the facts we don't have that degree of circumstances every time where we can incline with people surrounding to share everything. Sometimes we should bind to be oneself and has to be part of invisible friends. This is what I am in these days. I am spending more time with my invisible friends who are the characters of my book that I read. I am so thrilled to go with them every day. Some are very exciting and romantic, but some are very sad and unfortunate of this world. I sail with them, with their feeling and with their way of what they do for living their life.

It has been my habit to share my feeling, my pain, and pressure with them. I feel like they are the sole creator of this world as each individual has carried my different part of life. I feel they are some of my suffering, some of my comfort and joys. Fascinating with their tomorrow and their future, I have been exhilarating with them together. Their every pain comes to be mine and their happiness, success reflects as of my own. The pleasure and joy living the life with those invisible friends give me something different feeling. Sometimes I think I am isolating moving away from the real world and creature, but I am sure I haven't created discomfort to anyone engaging with them.

To some extent, it might have created some adverse reaction between the relationship with my son. I am supposed to spend my leisure time with my child but get busy with my invisible world and it drags me some haul to despair whether I am getting away from my child, placing him with toys and electronic babysitter. But it's my own way of living to segregate the time because I have to have some moments for myself otherwise I wouldn't have the meaning of being myself.

As everything as two sides, my invisible friends also directing me with two outcomes. Their pleasure and happiness let me live the life in fantasy in the same ways, but sometimes their tragedy and discomfort let me down the tear and direct me toward an agony, anxiety, and fear. However, my characters, my invisible friends are about to be ended. I hope I will grab better than those in the next phase of my life. I find the meaning within me while I enjoy reading this stuff.