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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Celebration of Labor day and value of Labor

The labor day is celebrated on the first Monday of September in the United States in order to gratitude and respect to the contribution of the labor they have made to the nation. The celebration had begun since 1982 after the several strikes and riot for the welfare of labors. Many labors use to work almost 12 hours a day and
seven days of weeks.  Poor people had been exploited by paying low wages and long working hours. They had been working for the sake of their survival.

People got consciousness about the value and importance of the human being then labors United and strike for their rights and welfare and eventually the first Monday of September was officially declared as a federal holiday and a day for the labor to honor their contribution made for the achievement. The day is the tribute to the labor and happened because of the movement of labor and became the official federal holiday only in1984.

During the eighteen century; many children and young age labors were thrilled to work in factories, mills and different industries at low wages and long hours every day. They were obligated to work for their survival and the movement began for their issues of equal payment, their rights and their tribute for the achievements for the developments of the nation. Labors had made the greatest contribution in the world. Nothing is possible without the them. People earn millions of dollars but which is not possible without labors. Business man operates their business which is not possible without labor. Nothing is possible without the contributions of labors in the world!

Labors are the fuel for the development and a key factor for the economic growth in the world. Without the contribution of the labors, we can’t imagine the road, railroad, factories or anything in the world. Labors have been recognized their value and contribution only because of the movement they made otherwise they would be used as a machine without any sentiment. None of the  labors have their own privilege working in the industry, they have their own rights and dignity and rightful of compensation which is determined by the local government in the United State.

There is a quote of civil rights activist “ Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by oppressed” . As said in the statement, the privilege to the labor were never given by the holder or owner of any company without the movement held by the workers.Recognizing the value of labors, the labor day is celebrated around the world. May 1st is considered as the international labor day and many countries celebrates the labor day on the same day.

The labor day is celebrated with barbecue, parade and entertainment with friends and family getting together. The labor day makes the long weekend so Americans have a tradition of going away for the vacation if not celebrate with friends and relatives. But, there is still exposition is going on in the big country of the United States because many labors don’t get the off on the same day that means they can’t get the opportunity to celebrate this big day and realize their value of their contribution to the nation. This is one of the issues need to be addressed by the state government. The labors who have been working for 365 days at least have to realize their value of the contribution on the special day which is recognized as the labor day.