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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Social Media a gift or a curse

Social media has a tremendous impact on our daily life. It has also two sides as a head and tail of a coin. Uses of social media either could be a gift or curse depending on the way how we use it. While using it, we gain a lot of advantages connecting with friends, family and with people throughout the world. It is an evolution of technology none can refuse for its benefit in this age. Due to the invention of social media, it has been easier to
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connect with the friends of previous
life, whether from school or college by clicking through the search icon. It also makes possible to share someone’s opinion, idea or tips in a big platform and we can also advertise our

product or service with a less effort. In addition, it helps to find people of common interest in a wider area than a physical place. Social media sites can be used as a tool of marketing for finding a job, selling products or services, sharing ideas regarding social or political belief, accessing news in real time every second.The uses of social media have also made cheaper and easier way of communication by unlimited message and voice calls. Moreover, it could be used as a way of improving communications with people, entertainment making friends international which are beneficial in many ways. It also fosters a relationship between spouses if they stay apart each other, and on the same ways to the family members making their bond stronger regardless of their physical distance. It also incorporates the real time message which gives an opportunity to exchanges, ones ideas and views directly through chatting. However, if we misuse this social media, it disasters someone's life even within short span of time. Despite of a lot of benefits of the social media, it has been a curse in many ways. Most often, when something offensive content is posted, the feedback can be much brutal and excessive. This could have a negative impact in someone’s life for long term in the future. Nevertheless we use for the positive purpose, we might find the people who are seeking an advantage of the innocent people. It also reduces the value of sentiment while people text rather than talk. Conversation by text decreases the quality compared to speaking and split the emotional binding of relationship. From its pro side, many people might have found the hero of their real life, but it hasn’t applied to all. Many of them have been a victim of fraud, emotional blackmailing and theft of their property. Misuses of social media can also split the knot. One finds someones connected by social media is closer than the real one with whom spending the life becomes the reason of separation or divorce. While using the sites, both spouses become busy and forget the values of each other and might connect someone really interesting and better than their original one. In addition, while using this social media, parents get busy by themselves and forget their responsibilities of taking care of their children. They are supposed to help them in their homework, need to support them for food, playdate, their school and other assignments, but while keeping busy using social media might give less time to their kids which is harmful to all the human beings. The most dangerous part is young and teenager, who have been overusing the sites more than enough which easily ruins their lives. The uses of social media also removes the privacy of someone while it shows available online every time. In conclusion, social media is a gift, if we use by our own nation, but if misuse it, it will be a curse